About US

Company “Trans Hope Group” specializes in cargo delivery to and from almost any part of the world, and considers it an honor to offer following services:

  • Organization of multimodal door-to-door transportation of container cargoes.
  • Freighting of vessels, handling and freight forwarding of general and bulk cargoes.
  • Transportation of Hazardous goods worldwide.
  • International and inland transportation of cargoes by trucks and by railroad.
  • Transportation coordination of oversized and heavy-weight cargoes.
  • Placement, storing and restocking of cargoes at warehouses and in the ports.
  • Customs broker services.


For our Customers we offer special terms and conditions for transportation and delivery of various cargoes.
Our stuff will determine the most optimal mode and routing for the carriage, considering volumes and characteristics of your cargo.
We have Partner Companies in many countries of the world (in all ports of China, South-East Asia, India, Turkey, West Europe and USA/Canada) which allow us to provide first rate reliable full multimodal service for door-to-door delivery of the cargo.
Flexible pricing policy and high experience of our stuff members — are just some of our advantages. The main component of our offering to the service market is our unchangeable commitment to reliable and trustworthy partnership based on mutual interest.